MysqlDataBackupTool 2.1

MySQL Backup Software

MysqlDataBackupTool is a backup tool for your files. The program essentially creates daily, monthly and yearly backups of your MySQL databases and tables to make sure you lose no data.

MysqlDataBackupTool is a lightweight program, yet it is packed with features that maximize your work efficiency. Main functions of the program include: reading MySQL databases and tables, creating zipped SQL backups, optional emailing of backup results or forwarding of backups to FTP servers, and scheduling daily backups.

This software is made to be compatible with Windows and works with MySQL 4 and later versions. The program creates zipped SQL backups and runs once daily, automatically.

It also runs even when minimized in your System Tray, complete with Execution Indicator. Also, the program has Command Line Configuration Options, Default Runtime Settings a saving option, an optional email notification of backup results after every backup, and a unique space-saving archive structure.

MysqlDataBackupTool is also password encrypted to secure and protect your files. Lastly, the program allows forwarding of all your backups to an FTP server all your backups for off-site storage.

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